Superintendent McIntosh

A Message from Mike McIntosh

Dear Parents, Students and Community Members,

They say if you want something done, find someone that is really busy. With that said, at Redmond School District we are busy accomplishing a ton of stuff for the good of kids. Every employee, every parent and every community partner are doing more than their part to create a climate of success for each child. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I cannot believe it’s March already! Seems like just yesterday we were celebrating New Year’s. As we brace ourselves for spring break and everything else that’s going on in your busy household, I’d like to share a few things that we’ve been working on to maintain a safe environment for your children when they are in our classrooms. I have not had the opportunity to share with you in awhile.

As I’ve mentioned before, our first and most important priority is providing a safe and nurturing environment for each and every child to grow and succeed. I would like to share a few key items about RSD and this issue:

In January, we conducted a routine safety assessment across all facilities in the district.
As we move forward in addressing issues of safety, we’ve been prioritizing our actions to ensure that we reduce the convenience of access to our schools and buildings.
We are striving to limit access with cost effective measures in order to detract any unwanted guests from our schools.

From locking more doors during school hours to ensuring that a secretary’s desk is angled so that the front door can be viewed, we are putting more and more safety measures in place.
We must also remember that our schools are houses of learning for our community; whose taxes generously support the education of our children. At Redmond schools we are taking steps to ensure balance in our efforts. So we have been actively working with our partners in law enforcement and leaning on their expertise. Through the Safe Schools Alliance, we partner with experts in law enforcement, mental health, juvenile services and facility security to create sensible safety precautions that are from a well-rounded perspective. This group continues to generate ideas and partnerships that allow us to counter some of the negative or distracting influences that our students receive outside of the walls of our schools. Because we all know that it’s more than addressing the symptoms, it’s about confronting the cause.

I believe we are doing everything in our power as a district to share in the responsibility of making our schools safe. Thank you for your support, your advocacy and passion for ensuring a quality school system. I truly appreciate you and feel blessed to have your support. I hope you enjoy this spring break and if possible, spend time with our most precious resources – our kids.


Mike McIntosh


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