RSD Receives 2013-14 OAKS Data from the Oregon Department of Education

Redmond School District has received the results for the Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills assessment administered in the 2013-2014 school year. The district, much like the state, saw no significant increases or decreases in scores in reading, math and science.

This past year’s data shows that student performance in Redmond School District is trending with students across the state of Oregon as all districts are working diligently towards implementing new standards for students K-12.

Redmond School District 2013-14 OAKS Results at a Glance 

  • In reading, the percent of students meeting standard declined slightly for grades 3-5 and increased slightly for grades 6-8 and remained the same for high school.
  • In math, the percent of students meeting standard declined slightly for grades 3-5 and grades 6-8 with some positive growth for 8th graders specifically. High school scores showed a small increase.
  • In science, the percent of students meeting standard increased in grades 5 and 8 and decreased for high school.
  • In writing, the percent of high school students meeting standard declined significantly.

“Redmond School District continues to prioritize time and resources toward preparing our student population for success with the new, more rigorous standards,” shared Mike McIntosh, Superintendent. “During this transition, while standards and assessments are changing, we anticipated mixed results. We will continue to focus efforts on implementing our strategic plan and join in ongoing statewide efforts to prepare for the new Smarter Balanced assessment this school year.”

Strengthening Achievement for All Students

The district’s strategic plan embeds a focus on elevating student achievement for all students. To address the ongoing needs of its students, Redmond School District has already launched the following efforts:

  • Initial implementation of new English Language Arts curriculum aligned to new, more rigorous standards with a focus on embedded writing skills.
  • On-going professional development for teachers in the use of new standards, materials, and assessments.
  • Increased offerings of college credit-bearing courses within both high schools.
  • Prepare for implementation of full-day kindergarten in 2015-16.

Closing Opportunity Gaps

Redmond School District is committed to closing the achievement gap that exists among the underserved and has begun a targeted approach to increase academic growth for these students. These initiatives include:

  • Expanding systems to identify students at risk of low achievement and providing strategic, needs-based support for individual students.
  • Increasing student mentoring opportunities to strengthen transitions for students from elementary to middle school and middle to high school.
  • Expanding development of parent/family outreach and engagement.
  • Bridging general and specialized education to create powerful learning opportunities for students and teachers and promote active, engaged partnerships among families and community members.
  • Exploring the development of a dual-language immersion program.
  • Supporting foundational learning opportunities through participation in the Pre-K to 3 Literacy pilot.

McIntosh shares, “Both our district and the state are in flux as we implement reform that will ultimately give our kids a better chance at college and/or career readiness.”

A full report of district and state OAKS data and an official release from the Oregon Department of Education is available online. For questions or more information, please contact Kelly Richard, communications coordinator, at 541-923-8233.