Youth Transition Program Builds Partnerships with Local Businesses

The Youth Transition Program (YTP) is a partnership with the Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Services and Redmond School District that serves youth with disabilities statewide.  The purpose of YTP is to prepare youth with disabilities for employment or career-related education or training to increase positive postsecondary outcomes for our youth.

In Redmond School District, students at both high schools, both transition programs, and Edwin Brown Educational Center can participate in YTP while earning valuable work experiences from local businesses.  The program is supported by a school counselor, a vocational rehabilitation counselor as well as a team of staff dedicated to making sure that the partnership with your business is successful.  Participating in YTP gives you the opportunity to employ students in our community while offering them invaluable experience.

Business partners work collaboratively with the YTP counselor to find a student whose skill set meets their needs.  It is important to the YTP team that the student is the right match for eachr business.  The team ensures this by ongoing communication throughout all stages of employment.

Participating business partners can be eligible for the Work Opportunity Credit, which may pay for some of the first year wages of the new employee.  Business members play an integral role in helping Redmond’s students prepare for the workforce.

Local restaurant, Pappy’s Pizza, is a proud business partner with the Youth Transition Program in Redmond.  Students like Joe, pictured above, work part time at Pappy’s Pizza while earning valuable work experience.

Joe has been working at Pappy’s for over a year now and is thankful for the opportunity to learn new skills while making an income.  Joe is a bus person for Pappy’s and often works in the kitchen, preparing dough for the many pizzas that are baked each week.  He works 30 to 35 hours each week and loves working for Pappy’s.

Bert Hill, manager of Pappy’s, shares, “Joe takes great pride in his work.  He is always punctual, stays on task and checks in with me to make sure that his work is right. He does a great job!”

“This has been a good experience for me,” shared Joe.  “I enjoy working here, the managers are great and you can have a sense of humor.  They are supportive and always point you in the right direction.”

Pappy’s Pizza is just one of many business partners in Redmond.  Currently YTP has partnerships with Grocery Outlet, Papa Murphy’s Pizza, CTS Tire Factory and McDonald’s.  But there is always room for more partnerships to build life skills for these students.

If you have additional questions or need more information about the Youth Transition Program, please contact Elizabeth Platt, Youth Transition Counselor at Ridgeview High School: 541-504-3600.