2015 Open Enrollment

OPEN ENROLLMENT HAS ENDED – Redmond School District will begin notifying parents and families throughout the month of April.  We will notify all families by May 1st.

Redmond School District has chosen to participate in open enrollment since the enactment of Oregon House Bill 3681 in 2012. The law allows students to transfer to school districts outside of their legal residence if a student receives written consent from the receiving district. Students already enrolled at RSD may also request to transfer to a different school than their assigned neighborhood school. The open enrollment period for grades K-12 is March 1 through April 1.

“Students should have the opportunity to choose among quality schools,” said Mike McIntosh, Superintendent. “Redmond School District offers families the ability to tailor their academic needs through open enrollment.”

Students interested in transferring to RSD should contact and notify their home district first.  For questions or more information about open enrollment, please contact Trish Huspek at 541-923-8247 or trish.huspek@redmond.k12.or.us.