RSD Team Spotlight – Karin Pledger

Karin Pledger, Computer Lab Assistant at Tumalo Community School

Karin Pledger has been nominated by her teammates at Tumalo Community School.  Her creativity and enthusiasm for students and learning is infectious.  We caught Karin while she was in “Pirate Mode,” to show you just in fact, how creative she can be!

How long have you been working for Redmond School District?

“Cap’n of Technology aye be, haff been fer many a moons.  It be my pleasure tah be here.”

Pirate to English Translation:  I have been with the Redmond School District for about 15 or is it 16 years now… all of them at Tumalo.

What do you enjoy most or find most rewarding about your role?

“It Be a fine task tah haff sailin’ and learnin’ dah new things each day – aye it be fun – plenty of toothy grins fer sure.  Dah wee ones sure do der best when we be learnin’ tah-gether.

Plannin’ dah adventures for Tum Ah Low be my finest thing tah do.  Makin’ dah wee ones smile – aye that be dah best treasure.

Dah technology be changin’ like the winds on the sea… haff tah keep ahead of it …so yee can steer yer crew the right direction.

Aye werk with dah best crew around… they be a fine group fer sure!”

Pirate to English Translation:

My “role” can take on many different tasks… Besides the fun of being with kids, some of the best things about my work is each day is different and laughter and smiles are guaranteed.  I look forward to teaching kids how to use the school’s technology.  From Chrome books to iPads, laptops and computers, I love the “Oooh that’s cool,” moments.

I typically plan our school assemblies and enjoy making them entertaining and fun for the students.  I like helping with everything that happens at Tumalo – taking photos and updating the school web pages, fancy bulletin boards, helping with the Jog-a-thon, field day, spirit days, or any other special events.

I also really like being the tech fixit person for our school.  I consider it a personal challenge to figure out how to use and fix just about anything technical (there are always new things to learn)!

I work with an incredible group of people at Tumalo and each of them make every day count for kids.  And we have fun while we are learning!

Below is a swashbuckling poem Karin wrote years ago for students at Tumalo Community School:

Be sure and sail ho

To ports beyond

And to look to dah future

That’s where yah belong

For the real lesson

In school here’s dah measure

It’s yer education…

Aye …now that’s dah Treasure !

Justin Nicklous, Principal of Tumalo Community School, shares this about Karin…

Teaching technology, in-house IT work, co-facilitating Battle of the Books and planning & running assemblies are just a few of the roles Karin takes on at Tumalo Community School.  Karin’s incredible energy, creativity and desire to make each day a wonderful experience for every Tumalo student is simply amazing!”

Thank you Karin for your amazing energy and creativity!  Your innovative ideas and support to your team members and students is truly spectacular!