Redmond Proficiency Academy Incident

Statement read to all RPA West Campus students 5-14-15

Good Morning RPA Students,

As you are likely aware, we had an incident at school today that caused a disruption to our morning. Unfortunately, two of our middle school students got into a fight, and one of those students was injured by the broken blade of a small pocket knife. The injured student is being treated for minor injuries and is expected to make a full recovery.

I want to thank all of our students for handling this event in accordance with our safety procedures. Our students followed directions, reported to their classrooms, and acted in a safe and responsible manner.

We are saddened by this event, as it is not representative of the school we have created. We are thankful for the support of the local police and fire departments for their quick response and support. We are also thankful for the quick and responsive action of our staff and the staff of the Redmond School District. Everyone’s efforts ensured that all of our students were safe and that we could operate on a regular schedule.

We want to remind all of our middle school students about our school expectations of being Responsible, Awesome, and Dependable (RAD). It is important to know that physical altercations are not the best way to solve problems. We have many staff members that can and will help you. We also want you to know that there is no value in spreading rumors about this incident. Doing so only makes it more difficult for everyone.

We also want you to know that if you are experiencing any difficulties because of this incident that we have set up a counseling room (Room 204) where students can go to talk and to get support for any issues they are facing. We remain focused on ensuring your health and safety.

We are operating on a regular schedule for the remainder of the day, and lunch will operate as normal. All parts of our building are open, and we ask that you please go to your classes as scheduled. Tomorrow counseling services will also be available for students if additional support is needed.

RPA is an awesome place, because it is filled with awesome people like you. Please do your best today, and in the coming days, to demonstrate to your fellow students, your staff, and our community, that you are awesome and that together we are awesome. You are RPA. We are one.


Please see the following message from Redmond Proficiency Academy:

Good Morning RPA Students, Staff, and Community,

I am writing to you at this time with information regarding an incident that occurred on the RPA West Campus this morning. Two middle school students engaged in an altercation before school this morning that ended with one student suffering injuries. RPA staff took immediate action to ensure the safety of all students. Police, fire, and medical personnel responded. Both students involved in the incident have been identified. A knife was involved, and one student sustained minor injuries. That student is being transported to the hospital; the other is in police custody.

School is operating on a regular schedule, and all students and staff are safe.

We will provide more information as it becomes available. Thank you for your patience and support.

Jon Bullock

Executive Director