Ridgeview High School Wind Ensemble Takes Second in State Championship

The Ridgeview High School Wind Ensemble earned a second place finish in the OSAA 5A State Band Championships on Friday, May 15 at the LaSells Stewart Center on the OSU campus in Corvallis, Ore.

The ensemble consisted of 48 Ridgeview High School students. Participants were judged in areas of tone quality, technique, and overall musicianship. This is the third state band trophy since Ridgeview High School opened in 2012.

“We have had an amazing school year, and some incredible performance experiences,” shared David Sime, RVHS band director. “The performance of the students at the state event was amazing. The band played with a lot of sensitivity.”

Below is a program listing of the students involved (including grade level):


Mickayla Brown, 12

Kyle Davis, 11

Chloe Furman, 10

Brittany Greener, 10

Serena McCoard, 11

Abby Murray, 12

Diana Reyes, 10

Natalie Saxton, 12


Brian Chavez, 12

Carson Dedmon, 10

Ariana Meade, 11

Alexis Meyer, 10

Sammy Montino, 12

Angel Ortiz, 11

Cydnie Rey, 11

Julianna Savage, 10

Aschten Thomas, 10


Savannah Langenegger, 11


Lauren Earnest, 10

Joanna Finerty, 10

Jared Saxton, 10


Juan Ruvalcaba, 11



Elena Capson, 10

Ben Farruggia, 12

Madison Jocelyn, 11

Ashley Turpin, 10


David Bernard, 10

Derrick Brown, 12

Mattie Earnest, 10

Conor Hicks, 11

Justin Irby, 9

Connor Kiblinger, 11

Ryan McDonald, 11

Kevin Orozco, 11

Matt Thomas, 10


Hayli Brown, 11

Jacob Jarvis, 12

Jaime Patton, 10

Rigo Ramirez, 11

Willie Toledo, 10


Delos Erickson, 10


Gregory Connor, 10


Mason Coats, 11

Jered Cross, 11

Tristyn Frickey, 10

Jeff Midgely, 10

Bridger Ridenour, 11

Hunter Slawosky, 11


“Mr. Sime encourages us to put the competition part out of our minds,” Abby Murray, a RVHS senior flutist said. “The most important part is that we need to be able to walk off the stage each time knowing that we played our best. I think most of us felt that way.”

For more information about Ridgeview High School’s recent performance, please contact David Sime, band director, at 541-504-3600.