Lead & Copper Water Test Results

Redmond School District has received the results from copper and lead testing performed at seven school sites in the district.  Lead is primarily a concern for buildings and facilities that were built in or before 1986.  Redmond School District tested water at all facilities that meet this criteria, including M.A. Lynch Elementary, John Tuck Elementary, Edwin Brown Education Center, Tumalo Community School, Redmond High School, Obsidian Middle School and Terrebonne Community School.  At these school sites, the district elected to test more than one water source, a drinking fountain and a kitchen water source where food is prepared. (Note that only one site was tested at Terrebonne Community School due to new kitchen structures installed during a recent renovation of the facility).

Redmond School District is pleased to report that the lab report has shown that levels at all sites tested were below EPA standards and allowable limits for both lead and copper.  A full report from the laboratory can be accessed below.

RSD Farallon Consulting Drinking Water Report

Table – Summary RSD Test Results


In June, the Oregon Board of Education proposed new regulations that each school district and public charter school must develop a Healthy and Safe Facilities Plan for all buildings owned, leased, or otherwise used as a school building by the school district or public charter school.  The Board of Education will vote to approve these new regulations in August.

The proposal mandates that each district will be responsible for testing school facilities for various environmental pollutants and hazards.  This includes testing site water for lead levels, making results publicly available and acting immediately upon the findings.