“Tooth Taxi” makes a stop at Terrebonne Community School

Dentists and dental hygienists from the statewide organization “Tooth Taxi” recently visited Terrebonne Community School to provide a host of free dental services for 78 of Terrebonne’s 419 students.

The Dental Foundation of Oregon, in partnership with OEA Choice Trust, provides direct care and oral health education to underserved children in their Tooth Taxi free mobile dental clinic. At Terrebonne alone, the dentists performed work worth $23,765, which included screenings, fluoride, x-rays, cleanings, sealants, filling cavities and extractions.

“The Tooth Taxi provides an amazing and generous annual service for our students,” school nurse Gail Burton said. “Given our state’s challenges with dental health, the contributions from a program like Tooth Taxi go a long way to ensure our students receive necessary dental care.”

The on-the-road clinic allows the organization to reach school children throughout Oregon, who according to the Oregon Dental Association, suffer more dental pain and infection than children in almost any other state.