Redmond School District high school athletic teams recognized for academic success

The Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) recently recognized Redmond School District 5A athletic teams as part of their Academic All-State Program for the fall season.

“We often focus our attention, rightfully so, on the athletic accomplishments of our student-athletes, but as a district, we also place a strong emphasis on academic success, so we are thrilled that our student-athletes are performing at such a high level,” Athletic Director Kevin Bryant said.

The Academic All-State Program recognizes teams across Oregon who have maintained at least a 3.0 grade point average (GPA).

“We have been discussing with our athletes and coaches that we want to do more than ‘major in eligibility;’ we want our student-athletes to see athletics as one major part of their personal motivation to succeed on the field of play and in the classroom, leading to their eventual graduation,” Bryant said.

The following teams at Redmond High School and Ridgeview High School were recognized:


Ridgeview, 3.04 GPA


Ridgeview, 3.47 GPA

Redmond, 3.15 GPA

Boys Soccer

Ridgeview, 3.37 GPA

Girls Soccer

Ridgeview, 3.69 GPA

Redmond, 3.63 GPA

Boys Cross Country

Redmond, 3.92 GPA

Ridgeview, 3.38 GPA

Girls Cross Country

Redmond, 3.93 GPA

Ridgeview, 3.78 GPA

Teams at the two high schools maintained an average GPA of 3.53.

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