Redmond School District graduation rates steadily improving

Redmond School District graduation rates are up over three percentage points from last year –– outpacing the graduation rate of students statewide and increasing 12 percentage points over the past five years, according to a report released by the Oregon Department of Education today.

Redmond School District’s graduation rate for the Class of 2018 Cohort was 82.86 percent, up from 79.28 percent last year and four percentage points higher than the overall state average graduation rate of 78.7 percent.

“I’m elated our graduation rates are improving and our investment in student success is paying off,” Superintendent Mike McIntosh said. “Our district is moving in the right direction, and this level of improvement encourages us to continue to provide the opportunities that ensure all Redmond students are graduating prepared for college and career.”

According to Director of Secondary Education Tracie Renwick, several noteworthy strategic efforts have directly contributed to the district’s success:

  • High School Success Fund (Measure 98 Funding) supports Career Technical Education programming, and provides high school success coordinators in each high school. These new positions oversee the district’s priorities in support of regular attendance, on-track credit attainment and purposeful elective paths for students.

  • The AVID College Readiness System is implemented in each middle and high school. AVID includes school-wide resources that support future-readiness for all students. This involves rigorous coursework, connection to industry partners and school cultures that promote skills and habits for success in post-graduation programs.

  • The district’s Camp 9 transition program supports students’ readiness to enter 9th grade. Camp 9 provides academic readiness and mentoring for students who may not have a natural connection to their new high school.

  • Mathematics support courses are offered concurrently with students’ regular high school math classes. Remaining on track in the math sequence required for graduation is a key to credit attainment and graduation.