RSD Team Spotlight: Janice Hueners

Janice Hueners was unanimously nominated by her peers to be featured in this month’s team spotlight! Janice’s brings dedication and heart to her work in serving RSD students. 

Janice shares, “I love RHS students! Each day I strive to be pleasant, smile, and share an encouraging word as they go on their way. My favorite part of every (regular) school day is seeing the students when they come in for breakfast or lunch. Each one is amazing and special in their own way. I feel that feeding and caring for kids is a noble profession!  Redmond High provides a positive, caring and energetic work environment.  Our staff is fabulous! 

I’ve worked for Redmond School District in Nutrition Services for 7 years now. Previously I’ve been a deli manager with Safeway Co. and have other restaurant management experience. I am a true Oregonian, born in Klamath Falls to school teacher parents. I am the mother of three wonderful adult children and blessed with four spectacular grandkids. In my off work time I like to cook, bake, read and dig in the dirt, (otherwise known as gardening). My husband and I like to camp, fish and hunt.”

Dwain Dorr, Nutrition Services Warehouse and Operations Lead, recently shared this story of Janice and how she has impacted her team and students of Redmond…

“Thurgood Marshall once said, ‘The measure of a country’s greatness is its ability to retain compassion in times of crisis.’ 

When it was announced that the schools were closed and that Nutrition Services would be serving daily meals, we all knew the best person to handle the production was Janice. One thing that is completely obvious about Janice is her compassion for children. She takes that responsibility very seriously. She feels it is a great honor to make sure children are fed properly. To no one’s surprise Janice did not hesitate when asked. Janice and her super hero crew have been working tirelessly in the kitchen to provide breakfast and lunch to more than 500 families a day. I get the privilege to see the many thankful parents that come to our food hut. Many stories ranging from how the food sacks are saving their food budget during the financial crisis to the joy of the daily outing for cooped up kids. We are quick to give the biggest credit to the super heroes in the kitchen preparing the food.”

Redmond School District is thankful and honored to feature Janice Heuners this April as our RSD Team Spotlight feature!

“I couldn’t be more impressed with Janice and her team in the kitchen at Redmond High School. With little more than a day’s notice and despite other plans they may have had for Spring Break, all of them stepped up without hesitation to help figure out a way for us to safely continue providing meals for our kids in need during this unanticipated school closure. Every single weekday since our schools closed, Janice has been the first one in the kitchen each morning and last one to leave in the afternoon. She has continued to think outside of the box as we’ve accepted more and more program flexibility and guidance. Her work ethic, coupled with her spirit of teamwork and dedication to meeting the nutritional needs of our students, is worthy of admiration.”
– Lance McMurphy, Nutrition Services Director