Redmond School District Team Spotlight: School Nurse Kim Kirk

This Team Member Spotlight is on RSD School Nurse Kim Kirk!
If you are lucky enough to know Nurse Kim you are aware of the compassionate care she delivers to Redmond School District students in her role as a school nurse. Kim has been with Redmond School District since 2005. She currently serves students at both Tom McCall Elementary and Elton Gregory Middle School. In addition, when the pandemic struck in March of this year, Kim stepped forward to help lead the district in its health and safety response to keep students and staff members safe. She is a critical member of the district’s COVID Response Team and brings expert guidance to this critical work. 

Nurse Kim was nominated for the RSD Team Spotlight by countless individuals. Keep reading to learn more about Nurse Kim!

How long have you worked for RSD and what did you do before coming here?

“I started as a school nurse in Redmond in August of 2005. Prior to that I worked for East Cascade Women’s group in Bend for a year and before that that I worked as the lead nurse at Oregon Medical Group Crescent family clinic in Eugene. I have also worked for St. Luke’s in Boise in their birth and parenting program teaching classes on birth and parenting topics as well as CPR, first aid and mental health topics in their corporate support program for area businesses. I started out my nursing practice with several years as an NICU nurse in both Oklahoma and New Jersey. My primary interests have always been pediatrics and family nursing.”

How has your role as a school nurse evolved in the pandemic?

“The pandemic has been a new source of learning for me and all of us. I am interested in global health, having grown up in the Philippines. When I started hearing about the pandemic, I started reading as much as I could about it. My interest in the topic and longevity in the district kind of evolved into my role with the district on COVID topics when we closed in March and has evolved into my participation on the COVID Response Team. I am honored to represent our excellent team of nurses here in Redmond.  They are really carrying the load in the trenches for all of us and I appreciate them so much.”

What find most rewarding about your role?

“I love being a school nurse. I love and enjoy kids, and I love working with people who feel the same way. I know that having caring connections with adults can make a huge difference for kids and I try to be that person for as many of them as I can. To me, excellent care is a goal, but also excellent caring and connection.”

Tell us about yourself or your family!

“Redmond has been our home for sixteen years now. My two younger children both graduated from Redmond High School. The kids in my neighborhood go to the schools where I work. I love those community connections so much. The school district has been a wonderful place to work. I have met and worked with so many dedicated and caring people over the years. I feel truly fortunate to be associated with the good work being done in Redmond School District and to assist in my schools and with the district in whatever ways that I can.

My husband is a teacher in Mitchell, formerly in Culver, and we will have been married for 40 years in May!!  Wow!! We have two adult kids who live and work in the Portland area and one who recently moved back to Central Oregon, yay! In my free time I enjoy spending time with family, gardening, camping, reading, sewing, doing home projects and going on nice long walks/hikes for exercise.”

“Nurse Kim has and continues to go “above and beyond” as a leader to support the district with health and safety protocols and training during this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic. She is action oriented and stays current with health and safety regulations. Kim communicates efficiently and effectively with teams and is an invaluable member of our incredible school nurse team!”

– Karen Jordan, Executive Director of Student Services

“Nurse Kim is a consummate professional with an ever present smile and a song always on her lips. We never have to worry when Kim is in our building. She takes care of us all!”

– Drew Frank, Tom McCall Elementary

“I feel blessed to work with such a beautiful soul!
Kim is a professional, who takes her work and the safety of everyone in the Redmond School District to heart. Her calm demeanor is refreshing and reassuring. I enjoy working with her tremendously and am thankful to have her on my team!”

– Tami Nakamura, Director of Student Support