About the 2008 Bond

In 2008, voters in the Redmond School District approved a $110 million bond package to build two new schools and to modernize existing school facilities.  This generous decision by the community allowed the district to support sustainability and growth for Redmond’s future.

Thanks to a favorable construction climate and unanticipated low building costs, the District was able to garner significant savings on the construction of the new Ridgeview High School, Sage Elementary School and the remodel projects at Terrebonne Community School and Obsidian Middle School.  These savings allowed for more extensive maintenance and preservation of several existing school facilities, including a $11.1 million remodel to Redmond High School.

This summer’s completion of the Redmond High School remodel marked the end of the 2008 Bond project list for Redmond School District.  The Redmond School District is thankful for the opportunity to provide modernization and state-of-the-art facilities that meet our growing student population’s needs.

These projects supported the community by employing hundreds of workers from local and regional companies.  More than 100 local agencies and contractors were engaged in the 2008 Bond Project that affected more than 4,500 students in the Redmond School District.