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Redmond Early Learning Center Mission

The goal for the Early Learning Center is that it is a hub where children from birth through age six and their families can access the early learning and developmental opportunities and supports that enhance their ability to succeed.  Redmond Early Learning Center houses kindergarten from all in-town schools (John Tuck, M.A. Lynch, Sage, Vern Patrick and Tom McCall) on campus and provides access to pre-kindergarten programs and resources in partnership with other agencies.  The center provides equitable access for children and families by offering a “one stop shop,” that is centrally located within our community.  The center includes partners such as Head Start, Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE), Public Health, Healthy Beginnings and many other agencies.

In order for Oregon to reach its 40-40-20 goal and close opportunity gaps, communities must work together to create a truly seamless system of education for all children. This requires early learning, K-12, and health providers to partner with each other in identifying opportunities to collaborate, align work, and leverage resources in support of families.  Redmond School District has taken a bold step to create something innovative and prioritize our resources toward running an early learning center for the Redmond community.

The emphasis on early learning and development is one that is growing steadily in our state.  We know that in Oregon, despite spending $1.7 billion dollars on programs for children and families – across early education, healthcare, and human/social services – 40% of our children arrive at kindergarten under prepared for academic success.  Oregon’s Early Learning Council encourages communities to adopt a coordinated approach that bridges gaps, encourages cooperation, and helps to eliminate silos in order to align goals and outcomes.  We believe this effort is a critical step to improved outcomes for our children and families, and a better return on taxpayer investment for Oregon’s future.

The district has selected Desiree Margo, D.Ed. to lead the Early Learning Center. Desiree has served in Redmond School District for 21 years and has served as principal at Lynch for five years.  During her tenure at Lynch, she successfully developed an exemplary model of community partnership for student success.

If you have questions about the Redmond Early Learning Center, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us at 541-923-8900 or jodie.greener@redmondschools.org.

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