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Why is Redmond School District opening an Early Learning Center?
What is the vision of the center?
Who will be the principal?
How can I get more information and/or provide input?
Will my child have the opportunity to be in the same class as other students who will attend his or her boundary 1st-5th school?
Will my child be placed in classrooms with teachers that previously taught at his or her boundary 1st-5th school?
How will transportation work? For bus riders, walkers, and for those who arrive by car?
Will there be after-school care opportunities at the center?
Can my child ride the bus to his or her sibling’s school at the end of the day and attend the after-school program there?
Will there be preschool opportunities for my younger children at the center?
Will there be a transition process when my child finishes kindergarten and before first grade?
What work is being done to prepare the Hugh Hartman Campus for young children?
When will the remodeling on the Early Learning Center begin?
What type of security will be at the Early Learning Center?
What supports and services will be available at the Early Learning Center?
Will there be a Kindergarten Round Up this year?
Where will I go to register my child for kindergarten?
What type of mentors will be at the center to provide additional support and additional role models for students?