Registering Your Child For School

Step 1
Registering your child for school is always done at the school site.  Find out which school your child will be attending, based on your home address.  Find your school using our online resources, or call our District Office at 541.923.5437.

Step 2
Call the school to find out the best time to stop by and register your child. If the school year has started, the best time would be as soon as possible. During the summer, check to make sure the school office is open.

Elementary and middle school offices close for part of the summer, reopening the first week of August. High school offices stay open all summer. Contact your school for registration, open house information, etc. Contact information for our schools is available here.

Registration Start Dates/Times – check your individual school website for updated registration dates and times.

Step 3
Make sure you have the appropriate documentation to register your child. The school will ask for a record of your child’s immunizations, some form of identification (i.e., birth certificate) and proof of address (i.e., utility bill, driver’s license, rental agreement).

Step 4
Once you’re at the school, make sure to fill out each form completely – especially the emergency contact information form. Your school will have specific details about classes, teachers and staff.

Helpful Forms and Resources