Citizens who voluntarily contribute their time and talents to the improvement and enrichment of the public schools instructional and other programs are valuable assets. The Board encourages constructive participation of groups and individuals in the school to perform appropriate tasks during and after school
hours under the direction and supervision of professional personnel. Every effort should be made to use volunteer resources in a manner, which will ensure maximum contribution to the welfare and educational
growth of students.

The administration is responsible for the recruitment, use, coordination and training of volunteers. These assignments will be carried out as directed or delegated by the superintendent. Volunteers having direct, unsupervised contact with students shall be subject to a criminal history records check. Volunteers are covered by the district Worker’s Compensation policy.

The district does not encourage volunteers to provide transportation to students in their own automobiles.
However, in the event that such transportation is necessary, Board policy governing students transportation in private vehicles shall be adhered to.

Non-exempt employees may volunteer if they offer their services freely and without coercion; if the activity is done without expectation of compensation; and, if the activity is a different service than the employee normally performs.

The acceptance and utilization of the services of any person on a voluntary basis shall be at the discretion of the district.

Board Policy Code: IICC Adopted: 10/27/04 Readopted: 07/09/08