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Proficient learning is best supported when classrooms and schools across the district are centered around student-demonstrated competency on priority concepts and skills (learning standards).


Learning is not just a checklist of things we have taught by a specific time (end of term or unit). Learning has happened when, and only when students have demonstrated understanding.


Students are given multiple opportunities to learn and demonstrate understanding of clearly defined concepts and skills (standards).


Credit for learning is assigned not by seat time, but by student-demonstrated proficiency on identified learning targets.



Supporting Actions

  • Provide students additional instruction/intervention in content areas in which they have not met proficient level of knowledge and skills.
  • Students can earn credit both inside or outside the classroom when they demonstrate proficiency in defined standards.
  • The district will provide multiple pathways/options for students success (e.g. Redmond K-12 Online, IB, AP, Advanced Diploma etc.)