Welcome to the Redmond School District Facility Use page.  As a public school district, we offer the opportunity for community members, businesses and local organizations to utilize our facilities as a resource.

20/21 Facility Use Application

Facility Use Waiver of Liability Addendum for COVID-19

Applications for the 20/21 school year are now being accepted. Review and approvals of applications will be done on a case by case basis in accordance with District Board policies and guidelines.


Effective June 15, 2020, Redmond School District facilities opened to RSD Tier I, II & III groups as defined in Board Policy – Activities and Athletics Guidelines IGDJ-AR.   

Effective July 6, 2020, Redmond School District opened outdoor facilities only for all other groups.  Requests will be processed and reviewed according to Board Policy Community Use of District Facilities KG-AR.  

Indoor facility use by non-contracted facility users is not permitted until further notice.  RSD will review and update these guidelines regularly based on future guidance put out by governing bodies.

Oregon Reopening Framework & RSD Facility Use Guidelines

  1. Tier I & III Groups and Outdoor Facility Users – 
    1. Follow OHA Outdoor Recreation and Fitness Establishment Guidance
    2. Coaches responsible for adhering to OHA guidelines
    3. RSD to provide oversight and monitor adherence to the guidelines
  2. Programs internal to Redmond School District, including ESY, Migrant Head Start, Champions, users with Lease Agreements, MOUs and/or MOAs and RSD Tier II Groups – 
    1. Follow sector specific guidance based on Ready Schools, Safe Learners or the Sector Rick Level Guidance Chart, whichever is applicable
    2. The person responsible for overseeing the program is responsible for adhering to these guidelines
    3. RSD to provide oversight and monitor adherence to the guidelines

If at any time Redmond School District determines guidelines are not being followed by any organization or program, facility use will be revoked.

Applications must be received no less than two weeks prior to the event for application consideration.  If you have a last minute request or change to an approved request, you are asked to contact the Facilities Department at 541-923-5437 ext 1166.  Last minute requests are not guaranteed to be processed even when district staff are contacted. ANY NEEDS NOT SPECIFICALLY ADDRESSED IN THE APPLICATION FOR FACILITY USE ARE NOT GUARANTEED.

Facility Use Overview

The Board supports the community education concept, which encourages the use of school district buildings and facilities for education, recreation and service activities.  The Board believes that district educational and extra-curricular programs shall have priority over other community uses and has directed the administration to develop regulations governing building and facility use by community user groups.  The Board reserves the right to assess fees for community use of district facilities.  Depending on the type of activity, proof of liability insurance may be required.

Full language for the district policy and regulations for “Community Use of District Facilities” can be read under Policy KG and KG-AR.  See links below.

Facility Rental Use – Policy and Regulations

Community Use of District Facilities – Policy KG

Community Use of District Facilities – Regulation KG-AR

Food and Fundraising Events

Due to health safety regulations, no kitchen use or food handling within district kitchens shall be conducted without the signed agreement of the district’s Nutrition Services Manager.  In such instances, the building user may be required to have district licensed food handler(s) overseeing the kitchen use and handling of food preparation/distribution.  These services will be assessed additional fee charges.  See the link for details: Nutrition Services Facility Use

Any building use where students are raising funds through an outside agency or contracted activity must have prior approval by the superintendent or designee.  Activities concerned with fundraising for charitable or other causes not relating to school activities may not be carried on without prior approval of the principal and the superintendent.  Fundraising Activities Policy IGDF

Fees & Invoicing

RSD Board Approved Fee Schedule

  • Fee assessment final invoicing will be processed by the Fiscal Services Department.
  • Effective July 1, 2019 there is a $20 per application processing fee for all approved facility use.

Building use rates will be determined by the district’s Building Use Committee and will be reviewed and updated as necessary.  The following classifications will be used to determine the priority for facility use and associated fee charges.  Payments are to be made to the “Redmond School District” and not written to schools.

CLASS “A” USE:     Redmond School District Programs

CLASS “B” USE:   Redmond Youth Club sports programs; clubs must be recognized by the athletic directors within the Redmond School District as being an athletic program that benefits their programs. Proof of 501(c)(3) status shall be required.

CLASS “C” USE:     Redmond School District partners and non-profit Redmond youth programs as defined by committee.  Said groups cannot act as agents for outside groups.

CLASS “D” USE:     Government, education and non-profit organizations recognized under Section 501c of the Internal Revenue Service code or legitimately sheltered under the umbrella of another 501c organization who operate within the Redmond School District tax boundaries.  Proof of 501(c)(3) status shall be required.  Also covered are users engaged in charitable activities for which the entire proceeds (less expenses) will be donated to a government or non-profit organization as defined above.

CLASS “E” USE:    All other users.

Facility Use Contact Information

District Facility Use Contacts 

1.) Michele Hyde, Facility Use Administrative Assistant; 541-923-5437 ext 1166

2.) Kiara Orrison, Operations Administrative Assistant; 541-923-8268

3.) Marc Horner, Assistant Director of Operations; 541-316-2864

School Contacts:

Elton Gregory Middle School: Stacy Wink 541-526-6440

Hugh Hartman Elementary: Jodie Greener, 541-923-8900

John Tuck Elementary School: Lori Sofich 541-923-4884

MA Lynch Elementary: Susan Cooper, 541-923-4876

Obsidian Middle School: Jen Leveille, 541-923-4900

Redmond High School: Tiffany Grimsley, 541-923-4800

Ridgeview High School: Christine Thompson, 541-504-3600

Sage Elementary: Jenny Faulconer, 541-316-2830

Terrebonne Community School: Sherri Jordan, 541-923-4856

Tom McCall Elementary: Margaret Iverson, 541-526-6400

Transportation Conference Room: Gale Carter, 541-923-4891

Tumalo Community School: Marti Olkowski, 541-382-2853

Vern Patrick Elementary: Kathy Anderson, 541-923-4830