Safety Awareness

First and foremost, the focus throughout the Redmond School District is accident prevention.  Buildings and equipment are safety inspected on a routine basis with playground equipment receiving weekly inspections.  Staff and patrons should report potential safety hazards promptly to either a custodian, the building principal, the Facilities Supervisor or the Director of Operations, who is also the district’s safety officer.

Safety Committees

Each school site has a site safety committee, which is required to meet on a monthly basis to review reported accidents and to address other safety concerns.  In addition, the lead custodians meet each month to discuss safety issues and safety management.

For RSD employee use:
Click here to access a blank Safety Committee Meeting Minutes Form and “make a copy” to begin filling out the form.
Click here to access a blank Quarterly Workplace Safety Inspection Form and “make a copy” to begin filling out the form.
Click here to access the District Fire & Safety Drill Report form.

Accident/Incident Reporting

All accidents or incidents, whether they are student, employee or patron in nature, are to be reported within twenty-four hours of the event.  Click here for a copy of the Employee / Volunteer Incident Report Form. Student accident reports are to be routed to the Facilities Department at the District Office.  Employee and patron accident reports are to be sent to the Risk Management Specialist at the District Office.  Once the accident or incident has been reported, the Principal or Supervisor must follow up with completing the Accident/Incident Analysis ACTION form.

In addition, should an employee need to seek medical attention, they are required to file a 801 Form within twenty-four hours of having seen a medical provider or missed work.  These forms are available upon request from either the building secretaries, the custodians, the Facilities Department or the Human Resources Department.

OSHA Form 300A

In compliance with OSHA’s record keeping rules, the following is posted for the purposes of public reporting: 2020 Report of Occupational injuries and Illnesses

State Fire Marshal Classroom Guide to Fire Safety