The Redmond School District in partnership with REA members developed the Professional Growth & Evaluation System for licensed educators.  The first year of implementation was 2010-2011.  As we launch into year eight during 2018-2019 our system reflects modifications and adjustments that were a result of our continuous improvement efforts and changes to state law.  This living system will continue to be refined on an ongoing basis in partnership with REA members.

Each school site has an assigned Evaluation Teacher Leader responsible for serving as an on-site resource for questions, concerns and training on our system.  Please utilize their expertise at the building level to support your needs.  However, never hesitate to contact Tracie Renwick, Director of Human Resources with any evaluation related questions as well.

2018-2019 District Evaluation Team

Brenda Tobish 2nd Grade Terrebonne Community
Alex Spreier  5th Grade Tom McCall Elementary
Kristi Scalise Language Arts Elton Gregory Middle
Lyndsay Cheney 1st Grade John Tuck Elementary
Jill Briskey 4th Grade Lynch Elementary
Rosemary Tyson Math Obsidian
Jodi Husband 1st Grade Vern Patrick Elementary
Lisa Burgher Student Services Redmond Early Learning Center
TBD Sage Elementary
Dave Flagan Social Studies Redmond High School
Steve Reeves Social Studies Ridgeview High School
Autumn Conte 4th Grade Tumalo
Tracie Renwick Director of Human Resources District-Wide
Kelly Hicks Assistant Principal Ridgeview High School

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