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Job Descriptions

DEPARTMENT: Academic Programs/Title
Alternative Programs Supervisor
Title1A Administrative Assistant (AAII)
After School Program Leader
Education Improvement Admin Assistant (AAIII)
Education Improvement Curriculum Specialist (AAIII)
Data Specialist
Homeless Liaison & Foster Care Point of Contact

DEPARTMENT: Facilities Department
Facilities Supervisor
Construction Project Manager
Custodial Supervisor
Administrative Assistant II – Facilities and Events
Administrative Assistant IV (AAIV) – Support Services
Facilities Administrative Assistant (AAII)
Custodian I
Custodian II
Custodian III
Maintenance Custodian I
Maintenance Custodian II
Maintenance Custodian III
Groundskeeper I
Groundskeeper II
Groundskeeper III
Groundskeeper – Mechanic
Lead Groundskeeper
Maintenance Specialist I
Maintenance Specialist II
Maintenance Specialist III
General Supervising Electrician
HVACR Technician

DEPARTMENT: Fiscal Department
Director of Fiscal Services
Accounting Manager
Financial Analyst
General Ledger Accounting Specialist
Accounts Payable Accounting Specialist
HR/Payroll Specialist
Payroll Specialist

DEPARTMENT: Human Resources
Director of Human Resources
HR Specialist
RSP Benefits and Risk Manager

DEPARTMENT: Nutrition Department
Nutrition Services Manager
Nutrition Services Assistant Manager
Nutrition Services I
Nutrition Services II
Nutrition Services III
Nutrition Services IV
Nutrition Services V
Nutrition Services Clerk
Nutrition Services Courier
Nutrition Services Bookkeeper
Nutrition Services Warehouse Lead

DEPARTMENT: Student Services Department
Executive Director of Student Services
Assistant Director of Student Services
Alternative Programs Supervisor
Student Services Coordinator
Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
Registered Nurse – 2 year program
Registered Nurse – 4 year program
School Nurse
Speech-Language Pathology Assistant
Youth Transition Program Coordinator
Family Advocate
Community Liaison
Admin Assistant (AAII) – Student Support
Financial Records Specialist (AAIII) – Student Services
Administrative Assistant (AAII)- ELL – Student Services
Secretarial Assistant – Student Services
Teen Program Coordinator
Behavioral Intervention Assistant
Instructional Assistant III (IA III) – Behavior Support

DEPARTMENT: Office of the Superintendent/Board of Education
Public Information Officer
Executive Assistant – Superintendent(AAIV)
Office Manager, District Office

DEPARTMENT: Technology
Network Administrator
Technology Project Manager
Instructional Technology Specialist
Information Technology Specialist
Computer Lab Assistant

DEPARTMENT: Transportation Department
Transportation Supervisor
Shop Clerk
Transportation Support Specialist
Administrative Assistant II
Transportation Bookkeeper – Support Services Clerk
Support Specialist
School Bus Driver/ODE Trainer/DMV Third Party Examiner
Assistant Trainer/Bus Driver
Bus Driver
School Bus Monitor
Lead Mechanic
Mechanic I
Mechanic II
Mail Courier

SCHOOLS: Elementary/K-8 Schools
Administrative Clerk – Elementary
Administrative Assistant (AA II) – Elementary
Administrative Assistant (AA III) – Elementary
Administrative Assistant (AA III) – Early Learning Center
Student Services Coordinator – Early Learning Center
Community School Coordinator
Instructional Assistant II (IA II) – English Learner
Instructional Assistant II (IA II) – Academic Support
Instructional Assistant II (IA II) – Title IA
Instructional Assistant (IA II) – ERC
Educational Assistant (EA II) – Classroom – Elementary
Instructional Assistant (IA III) – ILS
Pre-Kindergarten Educational Assistant – Title IA (EA II)
Pre-Kindergarten Program Facilitator
Pre-Kindergarten Educational Assistant
Library Technician

SCHOOLS: High School/Middle School/BEC
Middle School:
Administrative Assistant (AAIII) – Middle School
Administrative Specialist (AAI) – Middle School
Administrative Assistant (AAI – Middle School) – Part Time
Administrative Assistant (AAI) – Athletics – Middle School
Data Support Specialist I – Attendance – Middle School
Data Support Specialist II – Middle School
Instructional Assistant II (IA II) – Title IA – Middle School
Library Technician

High School:
Office Supervisor – High School
Career Center Coordinator – High School
Receptionist – High School
Administrative Assistant (AA III) – Registrar and Counseling Support – High School
Administrative Assistant (AA III) – Student Management – High School
Administrative Assistant (AAII) – Brown Education Center
Administrative Assistant (AAIII) – Athletics & Activities – High School
Bookkeeper (AAIII) – High School
Data Support Specialist I Attendance – High School
Data Support Specialist III – High School
Instructional Assistant (IA II) – ERC
Educational Assistant (EA II) – Expulsion – Brown Education Center
Instructional Assistant (IA III) – ILS – Secondary Level
Educational Assistant (EA II) – Student Success and Intervention – HS
Educational Assistant (EA III) – Transition – Brown Education Center
Teen Program Manager Assistant
Library Technician

Community School Coordinator Job Description
District Athletic Director

Counselor – Elementary
Counselor – Early Learning Center
Student Services-Counselor: Elementary
Secondary Counselor
Counselor: Youth Transition
Athletic Director – Middle School

Teacher Leaders
Consulting Teacher for English Learner Program Improvement
Evaluation Teacher Leader
Generalist Teacher Leader
Integrated Technology Teacher Leader
TAG School Coordinator

Registered Nurse

School Nurse
School Psychologist
Speech-Language Pathologist
Student Services Coordinator
Behavior Specialist
Behavior Program Teacher
Academic Dean of Students
Academic Intervention Specialist – Elton Gregory Middle School
Dean of Student Success- High School
Dean of Students – Middle School
English Language Development Teacher
Instructional Coach
Mental Health Specialist
Secondary Instructional Support Specialist Coach
Secondary Math Coach
Social Studies and ELA Credit Recovery 
Special Education Teacher – ERC
Special Education Teacher – ILS
Student Success Coordinator
Television Production
Title 1A Reading

Secondary Classroom Educators
Advanced Math
AP Physics/ Physics
American Sign Language
Assistive Technology
Automotive Technologies
Band – Middle Level
Band and Choir
Basic Mathematics
Business Teacher
High School Social Studies
High School Band Teacher
High School Choir Teacher
High School Physical Education/Health Teacher
Integrated Science Teacher
Jazz Band RVHS
Language Arts
Language Arts and Yearbook
Language Arts Curriculum Development – Alignment Coordinator
Leadership Teacher/Activities Coordinator
Manufacturing Technology
Manufacturing Technology & Agricultural Science Teacher
Middle School Language Arts
Middle School Language Arts/Social Studies
Middle School Math
Middle School Science
Middle School Physical Education Teacher
Middle School 6th Grade Math/Science

ROTC Instructor II – Licensed
Science Teacher

Elementary Classroom Educators
Kindergarten Teacher – Early Learning Center
Kindergarten Teacher – Community Schools
Dual Immersion Spanish Language Kindergarten Teacher – Early Learning Center
Dual Immersion Spanish Language Elementary Teacher
Elementary Grade Teacher
Elementary 4th & 5th Grade Teacher
Elementary Fine Arts Teacher
Intermediate Grade Teacher
Physical Education Teacher – Elementary
Physical Education Teacher – Early Learning Center
Music Teacher – Redmond Early Learning Center

Pre-K Program Educators
Pre-K-Teacher – Pre-K Pilot Tumalo
Pre-K – Kindergarten Transition Coordinator

Teachers on Special Assignment
Teacher On Special Assignment: Academic Achievement Specialist and Virtual School Coordinator
Teacher On Special Assignment: Athletics
Teacher On Special Assignment: Behavior Specialist – Alternative Ed Coordinator
Teacher On Special Assignment: Career Technical Education Program Administrator
Teacher on Special Assignment: Redmond K-12 Online Student Support Specialist
Teacher On Special Assignment: Title 1A Coordinator

Assistant Principal: Middle School
Assistant Principal: High School
Principal: Elementary School
Principal: K-8 Community School
Principal: Middle School
Principal: High School
Planning Principal: High School
Planning Principal: Elementary School

Head Girls Basketball Coach