Redmond School District has received the 2011-12 release of high school graduation statistics from the Oregon Department of Education.

In 2011-12, Redmond High School, the district’s largest high school program, revealed a graduation rate of 77.3%, a significant 8.5% increase over last year. Ridgeview High School, which is in its inaugural year of operations and has no seniors, was not included in the report data.

These rates are based on a 5-year graduation cohort, which accounts for students who are engaged in the school’s Advanced Diploma program. The program is designed to allow students to participate in an accelerated college credit program by earning college credits during a fifth year of high school enrollment. It was created to increase the number of students pursuing post-secondary studies, which has been a strongly supported initiative in Oregon.

“The Redmond School District has made a significant priority to achieve the state’s 40-40-20 goals for 100% high school completion,” said Superintendent Mike McIntosh. “We are dedicated to ensuring our students’ success in our district and in their future endeavors.”

The findings additionally detail that both Redmond School District’s dropout rate of 3.1% and Redmond High School’s dropout rate of 0.8% fall below the state dropout rate of 3.4%.

To access the report data online, visit For more information about Redmond School District’s graduation rate report, please contact Kelly Richard, communications coordinator at 541-923-5437.

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