Senator Ron Wyden Visits Ridgeview High

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden visited Ridgeview High School today as part of his, “Listening to the Future,” tour of high schools across the state.

Wyden spent an hour with teacher Ben Parson’s U.S. Government class this morning; allowing students to ask any questions they desired.  The discussion topics included Medicare, the Affordable Care Act, the government shutdown, the Hanford Nuclear Clean-up Project and daily activities in the life of a U.S. Senator.

“I was very excited to learn that Senator Wyden was interested in coming to our school and being involved in our future, shared Ridgeview senior McKenzie Hidalgo. “It was great to have a one on one conversation with someone who plays an important role for our state.”

Wyden plans to visit 11 high schools in the state in his “Listening to the Future,” tour. Ridgeview High School was his first stop on his Central Oregon visit.