Important Message from the Superintendent

November 20, 2013

Dear Students, Staff, Parents and Community Members:

As a school system, we are tasked with providing educational options that meet every student’s needs while being prudent stewards of public funds.  We strive to review and assess our programs on a regular basis to ensure that they are an effective use of time and valuable resources.

Over the course of the last few years, we have been reviewing the International Baccalaureate (IB) program at Redmond High School.  During this time, the IB program has seen decreasing student participation and is quite expensive to offer.  It is especially costly and difficult to offer when only a small number of students are seeking the benefits of the program.

After careful review of the program and our financial constraints, it is with regret that we inform you of the decision to cancel IB at Redmond High School.  This has been an incredibly difficult decision to make.  However, we feel that it is necessary to reallocate our resources to programs that will reach a greater number of students while still providing a quality college preparatory experience.

We will continue to support students who are working toward either an IB Certificate or an IB Diploma this school year.  In addition to supporting our current IB students, Redmond High School, where the IB program is located, will continue to offer a menu of options to support college and career readiness at the high school level.  Redmond High School already provides rigorous instructional programs such as Expanded Options, the Advanced Diploma program and a comprehensive Career Technical Education program which provides valuable industry and trade-related skills for the workplace.  Furthermore, our staff and student leadership team will be collaborating to bring new opportunities like the Advanced Placement program and to expand the College Now to uniquely fit Redmond High School’s needs.

It is my intent to make success possible for every child in our district.  I feel that this move will allow us to support more RHS students in their quest for college or career readiness.  If you have questions about this transition we invite you to please contact the administrative team at RHS.  You may call Dr. Nicole MacTavish, RHS Principal, at 541-923-4800.  I appreciate your understanding and support as we make this transition for our kids.

Best Regards,

Michael D. McIntosh

Superintendent, Redmond School District