RHS Official Partner with Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Redmond, OreRedmond High School has been selected as an official partner school through the School Visit Program with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF) for the 2014-15 school year.

The School Visit Program, which aims to build literacy skills through theatre, is part of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s ongoing commitment to engaging language arts students from diverse backgrounds through live performances and active workshops. The program brings teams of teaching artists to visit schools throughout Oregon, teaching the works of Shakespeare and other renowned playwrights to more than 10,000 students.

Through this partnership, OSF will come to RHS for a residency in the fall, performing for students and the community. In addition, RHS English teachers will travel to Ashland for a teacher residency and workshop this summer with an additional week of training in the fall. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival typically provides teacher training to approximately 50 teachers from 10-12 Oregon communities each year.

“I was very excited to meet the staff and students at Redmond High School,” shared Katherine Gosnell, Outreach Programs Manager with Oregon Shakespeare Foundation. “They have incredibly dedicated staff and great students. We are looking forward to this partnership!”

The goal of the School Visit Partnership Program is to create vital partnerships with teachers by providing professional development and curriculum that links to two, three or five day residencies. Schools are selected based on commitment of the faculty and administration and financial and cultural needs of the students.

For more information about Redmond High School’s new partnership with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, please call Dr. Nicole MacTavish at 541-923-4800.