Team Spotlight – Kay Crafton

Kay Crafton

Attendance Secretary, Elton Gregory Middle School

How long have you been working for RSD and what did you do before coming here?

I have been working in the Redmond School District for 38 years.  I started with the district right out of college.

What do you enjoy most or find most rewarding about your role?

I worked as a special education assistant for 28 years before becoming an attendance secretary.  I’ve been fortunate to work with incredible staff in both positions.  Their desire to provide the best education possible has always been an inspiration to me.

What made you decide to work in education as a profession?

I studied Early Childhood Education and always wanted to work with kids.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I am a product of the Redmond School District, as are my three children.  We are all graduates of RHS.  They are all leading thriving, successful lives.  I’m thankful for the sound educational foundation we all received here.

I have three amazing granddaughters.  I hope they are fortunate to attend a school district as dedicated to the success of every child as Redmond School District.

Tracie Renwick, Principal of Elton Gregory Middle School, tells us,

“This is Kay’s 38th year of service in the Redmond School District.  She is a Redmond High School graduate and is truly a Redmond ‘historian’.  Kay represents the solid dedication and work ethic that keeps our schools running.  Kay consistently embodies professionalism and level headedness, even in high stress situations.  She is often the first face and first voice to our public, and I can always trust in her competence and diplomacy. She has a special connection with our Lifeskills students, the population she served for years earlier in her career with our district.  She is truly deserving of this recognition!”

Mike McIntosh, Superintendent, shares,

“Kay is a rock solid member of this team and continues to provide a steadying hand in the lives of students and adults.  She is a true gem.  Kids are greeted with a smile, and she knows most, if not all, by name.  She understands special situations in kids’ lives that make her interactions with them vitally important.  All students need someone that they can count on to be supportive and true every day.  Kay is a wonderful example of a caring, competent, compassionate and trusted individual that has a positive impact on each life she touches, whether student or adult.”

Thank you, Kay, for your 38 amazing years of dedication to our students and our school district!