Message from the Superintendent

Dear Parents, Families and Community members,

Today, Ridgeview High School was faced with the need to initiate and implement our lockdown protocol in the face of potential danger.  A student gave report to our administrators this morning that another student had made threats to the school via text message.  School officials immediately notified law enforcement and went into lockdown protocol.  During a lockdown, students, staff and visitors are instructed to move out of site, lock doors, turn off lights and stay quiet.

Redmond Police Department immediately responded, securing the school and eventually located the individual off campus.  The lockdown was lifted and classes were resumed shortly thereafter.  The individual is in the custody of law enforcement, who is now conducting the investigation.

When circumstances such as these occur, it is our immediate utmost priority to ensure that students and staff are safe.  As soon as the campus is secure and correct information is available, we communicate with families as quickly as resources allow.

I wish to commend RVHS staff and students for acting calmly, professionally and efficiently during this event. Redmond Police Department and Deschutes County Sheriff’s Department are amazing partners and I wish to thank them for their immediate response and support today.

We will continue to educate, drill and adjust to the needs of such events.  Our schools practice drills regularly and staff are trained to protocols that are developed in partnership with law enforcement and emergency responders.

It is our utmost priority to ensure that our schools continue to be safe places for students to learn and grow.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at

Warmest thanks,

Mike McIntosh