RSD 1 of 6 Districts to Meet Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives

The district is proud to be one of 6 districts statewide to have met all of the state’s Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAOs) for English learners in the 2014-15 school year.  We are one of three districts in the past year who met all three AMAO targets for the first time.

AMAOs are a result of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001.  NCLB required the state of Oregon to annually review the performance of districts with English language learners. The programs for English learners (ELs) in these districts must meet three targets.  

These targets are known as Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAO). They focus on:

  • Annual progress in learning English.
  • Attainment of English language proficiency.
  • Meeting achievement targets in state reading and math assessments.

In years prior, the district was able to meet several AMAO targets.  Yet this past year was the first year that our students were able to meet the AMAO 3 target.  This target measures how a student performed on the state’s Smarter Balanced assessment both individually and compared to their peers across the state.  State assessment data from 14-15 has shown in the area of English Language Arts, the growth for English learners in elementary and middle school was greater than it was for all students in Redmond School District.

We’re incredibly proud of the hard work that has been demonstrated by both our students and our team members to achieve the AMAO 3 target.  Although it is only data from one year, it is demonstrating how the achievement gap is narrowing for our English learners in the district.

Many will ask what led us to this achievement.  What did we do differently to support success for our English learners?  While it’s difficult to pinpoint one particular effort, we can say that there are several strategies in place that our district utilizes to support achievement for English learners.

The district’s Response to Intervention Process (RTI) has been monumental in identifying student needs earlier so that we can intervene sooner.  The RTI process involves teacher teams who meet regularly to assess individual student needs and identify resources necessary to support any achievement gaps.  It allows for a situational analysis for each student, taking into account their home life and environment.  Works holistically with families to address the best way for a student to succeed.

We also believe that our district’s work to provide more targeted English learner strategies has attributed to this success.  Schools have been working toward more purposeful collaboration between English Language Development teachers and classroom teachers.  Rather than working in silos, our ELD teachers and general ed teachers are working hand in hand to provide inclusive teaching strategies that allow students to learn beside their English-speaking peers.  And through the district’s participation in the national SWIFT grant, Redmond has received additional resources to support professional development and activities that promote inclusion for all students.

We are excited for this special achievement and look forward to supporting academic growth for all students in the district.  Redmond team members are indeed making a difference in the lives of students and their futures.