Annual Notices for Families

The following email contains information that the Redmond School District would like to make available to all students and the families that it serves.  These annual notices include information about availability of information, rules and regulations that pertain to all Redmond students.

Student Rights & Responsibilities Handbook

This handbook outlines the rights and responsibilities of students and the standards for student conduct in Redmond School District. It also provides information about the District and its services. Students and parents or guardians are encouraged to read this handbook carefully and retain it for future reference.

Student Rights & Responsibilities Handbook 2016-2017

Individual schools in the District have the authority to adopt and implement school rules to assist them in implementing the policies established in this handbook and School Board policies. Each school has a student handbook that outlines more specific information about the rules and expectations for students in the building. Students and families are encouraged to become familiar with their home school’s handbook, which is available online on each school’s website under the “About Us” section.

Responsible Use Agreement

Redmond School District is committed to the use of technology and the Internet for educational purposes. Technology allows teachers to enhance and extend our curriculum in ways that were previously inconceivable. Along with the advantages of using technology also comes the need to educate students about responsibility and safety when using computers, tablets, smartphones and the Internet.

Responsible use of Redmond School District’s technology resources is to be ethical, respectful, academically honest, and supportive of the district’s mission. Each user has the responsibility to respect every other person in our community and on the Internet. In order to utilize the district’s electronic network, all students and their parents or guardians must sign the district’s Responsible Use Agreement.

English: Responsible Use Agreement

Español: Acuerdo de Uso Responsable

Thank you for being a part of the Redmond School District community. We look forward to supporting the continued growth and success together. If you have any further questions, please contact your school’s administrator or the district’s technology department.