Team Spotlight – Kristi Messner

Kristi Messner teaches 1st grade at Terrebonne Community School. Kristi has dedicated her entire teaching career to Redmond School District, having served 38 years with RSD! We are honored to feature Kristi as this month’s Team Spotlight!

How long have you been working for Redmond School District and what did you do before coming here?

I imagine I am, or close to the longest, employed RSD teacher! This year puts me well over three decades! Where did the time go?

When I was a senior in college I received a job offer from another district and was waiting for the contract to come in the mail. But as fate would have it a Redmond administrator called to set up an interview. It was my dream job. I was offered a position as a First Grade Individualized Learning Center teacher at Brown Elementary. I quickly sent the other district a sincere apology and an unsigned contract. I have been a part of the RSD district ever since!


What do you enjoy most or find most rewarding about your role?

The list of what I enjoy as a teacher is long but it all comes down to a common thread: people. I enjoy having my own group of first graders that I work with and get to know every year. I love working with staff that have become more like family. I appreciate working in teams to help each student grow and learn. Teaching is a different story every day. There is always something you can learn, explore or try. Every classroom, child, parent, and staff member brings something different and unique to the table. All these people make me a better teacher. Teaching connects me to people, both young and grown up, in my school and my community. Don’t get me wrong, people can be frustrating too; however, the people are still the reward.

What made you decided that you wanted to work in education?

As a child I was constantly trying to teach someone something! I always wanted to play school. Then during my elementary years a family in our little community adopted a handicapped child. We had no special education program in our small school. I “adopted” this little boy too and yes, I loved trying to teach him his alphabet and numbers. Later, in high school, my principal would send me to various classrooms to “help out.” Evidently, he thought the classroom may be a place for me. The opportunities made me realize teaching really was the profession I wanted to pursue.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Over the many years of my career our community of schools has grown. We are now a two high school town with multiple elementary schools. However, it is still in so many ways a small community where RSD staff members continue to be a committed group of individuals, working to keep students’ education and wellbeing the focus.

More About Kristi…

Not only do I teach at Terrebonne Community School, I also live just outside our pint-sized town with my husband, Tim. Our family has always been involved in some way with agriculture, cattle, horses and rodeo. Summers hours are spent between riding in the Ochocos where we take care of cattle and traveling around Oregon to work at various rodeos. Our son Tim, who attended Terrebonne Community School and is a graduate of Redmond High (Go Panthers!), is carrying on our family interests. He is a senior at Oregon State University and a competitor on the OSU College Rodeo Team. Go Beavers!

Lynn Evans, Director of Human Resources, shares this about Kristi…

“Kristi has been making success possible for children in our district since 1978. As the longest serving teacher on our RSD team she has positively touched the lives of countless children who have grown to become productive members of our community.” 

Thank you, Kristi, for your talent, your positivity and your committment to Redmond School District over the past 38 years!