Redmond High School to host CTE Extravaganza

The career and technical education (CTE) programs at Redmond High School (RHS) will host the inaugural CTE Extravaganza on Saturday, May 19, 2018.

The Extravaganza is a showcase event, where students and CTE programs will be on display and a variety of student-made products will be for sale.

“We’re very excited about hosting the first CTE Extravaganza and letting the community know more about our great CTE offerings,” business education teacher Dawn Lillis said. “Visitors are welcome to explore the facilities, ask questions, purchase products and learn about the programs our students are involved with. We look forward to a successful event that can be continued for years to come.”

The idea for the CTE event was a natural progression of the on-campus, student-run business called Panther Tech, Lillis explained.

Panther Tech gives students an opportunity to start, develop and grow their business ideas within the confines of the CTE program and facilities.

“Through Panther Tech, students have the ability to make and market their product ideas and earn money from their efforts,” she said. “This model provides students with opportunities to experience what it is truly like to work in a business environment.”

The full list of Extravaganza activities:

  • All CTE classrooms and workspaces will open for tours so that visitors can learn more about CTE programs at RHS.

  • Plants sales (flower and vegetable starts) — Plants grown by the agriculture program will be sold. Located in the agriculture greenhouse area.

  • Car Show — RHS’s automotive program will host a car show in the parking area adjacent to the automotive classroom.

  • Manufacturing, Engineering, and Construction product sales — A variety of student-built laser-cut and laser-etched products, milled products, welded products and wood products will be on display for sale. Located in the CTE Hub area.

  • Entrepreneurship invention ideas — Prototype products designed and developed by students will be on display. Located in the CTE Hub area.

  • Entrepreneurship Do-It-Yourself upcycle products — Repurposed and recycled materials used by students to build creative products. These products will be sold via silent auction in the CTE Hub area.

  • Concessions Stand —  Food and drink will be sold in the CTE Hub area.

  • RHS Cheerleaders will host a rummage sale in the parking lot.

All proceeds made from the event’s sales will go directly into CTE programs, to sustain future product design and manufacturing costs.

“We hope this fun, educational day will bring more awareness to the great things happening with Redmond High’s CTE programs,” Lillis said.

The day’s activities will occur at the north end of the building in the various CTE classrooms and adjacent outdoor space. The event is scheduled to run from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.