Redmond School District teachers receive grants

On Monday, Dec. 3, 2018, Northwest Community Credit Union (NWCU) awarded three Redmond School District teachers with grant funds as part of their Project Community award program.

The program awards funding to educators for pre-K through twelth-grade students. The mini-grants are designed to help educators create meaningful learning experiences for kids that might not otherwise be funded by school budgets. Teachers are able to request classroom supplies, technology, books, funding for projects, programs and field trips.

The teachers applied for the grants but were not aware they had won until the NWCU “Prize Patrol” politely interrupted them in the classroom with the pleasant surprise.

Redmond High School language arts teacher Rachel Sarrett will use the grant funds to purchase supplies for her writing students to begin keeping an interactive writer’s notebook. The interactive notebook gives students a methodical system, where they learn how to organize their thoughts. Interactive notebooks have “input” and “output” pages; the input pages are readings, class notes, worksheets, etc. and the output pages are where students interact with the material in their own way, accommodating multiple learning styles and encouraging metacognition. Sarrett hopes her students will eventually contribute to and publish an ezine to share their voices with a larger audience.

M.A. Lynch Elementary fifth-grade teacher Natalie Richards and her teaching partner Christina Connelly currently run an after-school LEGO Robotics club for fourth and fifth-graders. The grant funds will go toward purchasing a coding/robotics program to include first, second and third graders. “With this program I will be able to introduce the littles at our school to coding which will make them even more successful with computer science concepts in the future,” Richards said. “I am so extremely excited and thankful for the opportunity to bring this sort of technology and knowledge to the kiddos at our school!”

Vern Patrick Elementary’s first-grade teacher Chersti Thomack will use the funds to purchase SAM Labs, app-enabled construction kits, designed for people of all ages to learn STEM, play and create.

Thank you, Northwest Community Credit Union. Your generosity and investment in our students and teachers help bridge a funding gap and allows our classrooms to remain innovative and exciting.