Team Spotlight: RSD Instructional Coaches

This Team Member Spotlight features the Redmond School District’s Team of Instructional Coaches!
In every organization there exist individuals who work behind the scenes, day and night, ensuring that the show must go on. This team of talented and dedicated individuals does just that for our district’s academic programs. Instructional Coaches are licensed teachers who work to support teachers, principals and parents across all grade levels. Coaches provide support for the full continuum of teaching and learning. They provide professional guidance, support and troubleshooting for a number of issues. They provide resources, training and support to our teachers. And in this pandemic, our instructional coaches have been a lifeline for our system and our staff and parents in the time of Distance Learning.

These incredible teachers created (overnight) the EngageRedmond website and the entire platform with which teachers delivered distance learning over the past few months. Each coach worked alongside teachers to adopt new tools, platforms and to rework report cards and lesson plans for students. They have been a safety net and support system that Redmond’s educators can depend on. We are so incredibly grateful for their ingenuity, compassion and positive attitude!

Linda Seeberg, Executive Director of Academic Programs shared this about this team of instructional coaches:

“Our instructional coaches have played an instrumental role in helping our schools successfully navigate the development, implementation and ongoing improvement of distance learning across the district. They have worked tirelessly to serve teachers, principals and district leaders and have been the primary developers of the systems and strategies that allowed us to serve kids and families over the last three months. They have worked non-stop, day and night and have provided top notch support on every front. We are fortunate to have such talented and committed coaches in our district.”

Stacy Stockseth

I have been working for RSD for 6 years, all as an instructional coach. Prior to that I taught high school science (13 years in IL) , middle school science (4 years in MT), and was an instructional coach (2 years in CO).

I really enjoy making life easier for teachers. Classroom teachers work so hard and often do not have the time to research best practices or new tools. I’ve always been a research nerd, so now I get the best of all worlds– exploring new learning, helping teachers, and working with kids.

What inspired me to work in education: Teaching was just always an area where I always felt successful.  There was the typical “I thought I could make a difference,” but also I really enjoyed the energy that buzzes around a school. It’s the platform that our entire society is built upon, where every kid should be getting a fair chance to have a future. I wanted to be a part of THAT. 

I love that teachers and administrators really take a team stance of “We can get this done together”. Redmond is the perfect size to effect change. Because of our size, I know all of the secondary teachers by name, and my goal has always been that they know me and feel comfortable reaching out to me for help.  RSD has a much more family-type feel to it than other districts I’ve worked in.

Any other info about yourself or your family, hobbies, etc. I love spending time with my 9 year old son and husband, reading, running, traveling, cooking and watching the Chicago Cubs (and now in current times, reruns of the Chicago Cubs).


Rosemary Tyson

I have been working with Redmond School District for 10 years and I am currently the secondary level math coach. During my first 9 years with RSD, I worked at Obsidian Middle School as a math teacher. Go Wolves!  While earning my MAT, I worked as an educational assistant in behavioral supports. After finishing my master’s I was offered a math position at Obsidian. When I moved to Central Oregon from Portland I thought it would be for just a few years but I quickly fell in love with the Redmond community and I don’t intend on leaving anytime soon!

What I love the most about my new role as an instructional coach is being out and about in schools and getting to work with so many talented teachers and leaders across the district. There are so many great examples of teaching and learning going on in classrooms and I enjoy forming new partnerships with teachers. During my brief time as a coach, I have learned that there is always plenty more to learn!  I am constantly inspired by our teachers and their creativity, passion and dedication to students. What I love most about working for the Redmond School District is the spirit of collaboration and the culture of caring for all kids. 

What inspired me to work in education: I was a competitive Irish dancer for many years. I first discovered my love for teaching when I began teaching dance classes. I loved watching my students grow and improve while developing their passion for dance. By the time college rolled around, I was confident that I wanted to become a teacher. I was also a huge math geek so teaching math seemed like the perfect fit for me. 

In my free time I love spending time with friends, family and my adorable dog Dougie. I enjoy traveling, going to concerts, pub trivia, dance, crossfit and exploring Central Oregon.

Stephanie Wilcox

I have been in my current role as coach for 6 years and prior to that I taught at John Tuck and in Hermiston.

I love to tackle challenges. There is always work to be done in education. From students to teachers to administrators…there is always more we can do to support a child or family. I love being able to help our teachers be the best educators they can be by supporting them and taking something off their shoulders. 

What inspired me to work in education: I have always had a passion for learning and personal growth. I have always wanted to work with others to inspire and support their personal learning and growth journey in the most positive ways possible. Education is the magic key to life. I want to help bring that magic to others.

I love working in the Redmond School District. We have a small town feel with a conquer-the-world attitude.  We support each other, work together and have our hearts centered on making a difference for the students we serve. We are a hard working, supportive family.  love spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy talking, traveling, adventures, laughing, a good project, exercising, enjoying life and trying new things.

Vicki Perryman

I was a science teacher at OMS for 19 years and am in my 3rd year as RSD’s Instructional Technology Coach.
It is very rewarding to help and find solutions for so many people! Teachers and students of every age have such creative ways of thinking, and I am able to see a glimpse of that throughout all classrooms. It really broadens my perspective on how technology can be integrated in so many different ways to benefit the user, and I am able to share that across the District.

What inspired me to work in education: I wanted to teach others in some capacity ever since I was a kid playing “teacher” with my stuffed animals.  My history teacher in high school was very influential as well as a family friend, in steering me into a teaching degree in the Sciences. 

I have always felt a sense of belonging here in Redmond School District. The kindness, respect, support, and appreciation I have received from everyone I have worked with have given me the confidence and perseverance to continue to grow as an educator.  I am very grateful for being able to be a part of the RSD.

I love spending time outside with my family and friends. Pick any sport, game, activity, or lounge chair in the sun, and I will join you (just don’t laugh if you ask me to ski). Someday, I want to learn a musical instrument with my daughter, so we can have a band and play for our friend’s birthday parties (virtually, of course)!

“No matter the task, our amazing instructional coaches flat out get it done. Very few people truly understand the immense workload and demand our system requires of them. Curriculum adoptions, platform rollouts, professional learning, instructional coaching are just the tip of the iceberg of what these four amazing ladies handle day in and day out. I consider myself very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with them so closely on a consistent basis.

During this time of school closure and distance learning we have needed them more than ever, and what they pulled off is nothing short of miraculous. I am forever grateful for the hundreds upon hundreds of hours they put into designing and supporting our distance learning model. They have made it doable for all of us.

If you get a moment, please take the chance to thank our instructional coaches. We simply can’t do it without them!”

– Mike Nye, Assistant Director of Instructional Technology