Message from Superintendent Mike McIntosh

Good Morning Redmond School District:

Let me begin with a statement of gratitude for each and everyone of you. Day in and day out, you do much that contributes to the success of our kids. We are living in interesting and stressful times. It is during these times that we feel passionate and at the same time feel very fearful. Please accept this message as intended — to step into the building of unity, connection and shared voice in our District and community.

I stand opposed to any form of discrimination or injustice. That includes not just bias and prejudice around race, but any overt and nuanced practices that marginalize others based on poverty, gender or any other basis. My heart goes out to the child who encounters barriers of any kind that prevent or inhibit their success. 

Schools play an important role in the stability of the community. Clearly, that stability was rocked when our Governor closed schools three months ago, and you all responded to support distance learning. You are resilient and amazing. We have strived to maintain the relationships during this challenging time. These very relationships seem compromised by the distance between meaningful personal interaction. Again, we must hold onto the hope in the human dynamic — Hope in the resiliency of our kids and their families — and Hope in a common and shared vision for what education can be.

Redmond School District prides itself on the family of employees that are far more than workers.   We are unified in our efforts to meet the needs of every child. We work to develop meaningful relationships that will last well beyond the time our students are in our schools. I am proud of the work we have done but will not deny that our students of color and underserved students still encounter difficult and unnecessary challenges that create doubt and fear. There is still much more we can do to make our schools safe and welcoming for students and their families.

My call to action as I leave this district in a few weeks is a challenge to each and every one of you.    

  • To partner with this great community and the leadership to make lives better for all
  • To commit to equity as a foundational element of our work 
  • Get personally involved:  Listen, listen, listen without judgment 
  • Be a source of optimism and hope for all students
  • To channel this energy and resolve into productive and meaningful change in our system

Thank you again for engaging in this important work and I have such confidence in the collective wisdom and effort of our entire team.

With much gratitude,

Mike McIntosh