Redmond School District Team Spotlight: Lavina Webb

This month’s Team Member Spotlight features…
Elton Gregory MS custodian Lavina Webb!



In her nearly six years as custodian at Elton Gregory Middle School, Lavina Webb has left a real impression on those she’s worked with. One universal word everyone has used to describe her? Amazing. Another? Hardworking. 

Webb, who retires at the end of 2020, started as a substitute, traveling between schools. But once she got to Elton Gregory, she knew it was where she’d finish out her career. 

Webb started working as a custodian at Elton Gregory after almost 25 years painting custom ceramic tile for a local company.

Before the pandemic, Webb worked in the evenings, cleaning and disinfecting the building and making sure it was ready for students each day. In the summers, she and the rest of the team would strip and rewax floors, clean furniture, paint and do detail work. 

“I have always enjoyed being busy,” she said. 

It’s not easy work — Webb had to get used to being on her feet all the time, handling physical labor and working until 11:30 p.m. each night. But there were perks. “I made some really awesome friends, especially at this school,” she said. “This is the best school. Not just the school itself — the staff and teachers and especially my boss (Darren Dutcher) are awesome.” 

Since COVID-19 hit, Webb said the work has shifted a little bit. “We definitely do much more actual disinfecting,” she said. “We did a lot before, but now, with COVID, we’re making sure we do hit every spot that is being touched by humans.” She also said the pandemic gave them time to do a lot of detail work. “We could have students here tomorrow,” she said. “We’re ready.” But it’s been hard without lively students and staff around. “It’s always rewarding being thanked by staff, teachers and students for all that we do. Not having them here these last 10 months has been a bummer.”

Webb retires at the end of the year. She plans to spend more time with her three sons and their families, including seven grandkids, as well as her husband’s children and grandchildren. “Someday we will be off on our motorcycles, taking more camping and fishing trips, and living the best life I can!” Webb said. But for now, you can still expect to see her around. She’s going to be a substitute — and Dutcher already has her scheduled for Jan. 4. 




“She’s a rock. She’s steady. She’s just amazing. She cares — she loves the staff and the kids and everybody loves Lavina. She’s going to be missed. It just won’t be the same without her.” — Darren Dutcher, head custodian at EGMS  

Lavina is the epitome of pride in one’s work. Her sunshine personality and attention to detail set her apart, and she truly takes ownership of the cleanliness and orderliness of the facility at EGMS. Lavina is never without a genuine smile, and kind words to all those with whom she interacts. Because she often has the evening shift, teachers and others may not always see her in the building, but they know that she was there to work her magic in the wee hours. Lavina is truly a gift to our District and will be missed during her well-deserved next chapter of retirement.” — Tracie Renwick, Director of Human Resources

Lavina is always a refreshing and welcoming sight for all who walk the halls of EGMS. She is always kid-and community-driven. Thank you, Lavina, for all of your care and smiles.” — Marc Horner, Director of Facilities 

“Rain or shine, Lavina always showed up with a smile, and she built strong relationships with students and staff. We are going to miss the positive light that Lavina brought to our community each and every day.” — Chad Lowe, EGMS principal