The district’s number one priority is the safety of our students and staff. A successful bond effort will allow us to critical make safety and security upgrades where they are needed throughout the district, such as automatic door locks, security vestibules and security cameras. Fire alarm systems also need to be upgraded at some buildings.

Some of our newer schools like Sage Elementary have more secure entrances with double sets of locking doors and offices with line-of-sight into the parking lot. Our older buildings like Obsidian Middle School require office reconfigurations to give them better line-of-sight to see who is coming into the building.

Some buildings require foundation repairs, such as Tumalo Community School. Parking lots, sidewalks and curbs require routine maintenance to ensure the safety of students, staff and community members.  In addition,  seismic upgrades are needed districtwide to enable buildings to better withstand a major earthquake.

Possible safety and security projects include:

Edwin Brown Education Center

  • Add card readers to entry doors
  • Security access to main entry
  • Seismic upgrades

Tom McCall Elementary

  • Entry security upgrades
  • Add hallway security doors

Obsidian Middle School

  • Fire alarm system
  • Relocate office control of entry and security
  • Seismic upgrades

Redmond Early Learning Center

  • Insulate fire sprinkler systems
  • Seismic upgrades

Redmond High School

  • Upgrade camera system

Terrebonne Community School

  • Card access for entry security
  • Recess sprinkler heads in gym
  • Upgrade camera system

John Tuck Elementary

  • Add fire sprinklers
  • Mitigate asbestos
  • Modify main entry for security
  • Upgrade fire alarm panel
  • Seismic upgrades

Tumalo Community School

  • Asbestos abatement
  • Emergency lighting
  • Seismic upgrades

Vern Patrick Elementary

  • Fire alarm panel
  • Redesign entry for security
  • Seismic upgrades

Sage Elementary

  • Entry security upgrades