RSD Team Member Spotlight: RVHS’s Karin Crouch!


    This month’s Team Member Spotlight features… Karin Crouch, the Dean of Student Success at Ridgeview High School!  

Here’s a little more about Karin Crouch.

How long have you been working for RSD and what did you do before coming here?

I have been part of the Redmond School District for 27 years — 15 as an employee and 12 as a student. Currently, I am the Dean of Student Success at Ridgeview, and taught business and math for 6 years at RVHS and 7 years at RHS. My family and I moved to Redmond when I was 3 years old, moving closer to my mother’s family in Culver. After graduating from RHS, I went off to college at Linfield and earned a Business Administration degree. I worked for a publishing company in Beaverton, then an internet commerce design company and Nike as a producer in Image Design. In 2000, my family and I were fortunate to get to move back to Redmond, a great place to raise a family. I then went back to school …

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Schedule Update: Middle and high school students return to full-time school on April 19

RSD families,

In the past 10 days, the CDC and the Oregon Department of Education have relaxed the physical distancing requirements in school settings from 6 feet to 3 feet. These distancing requirements were the major issue preventing us from having all of our middle and high school students in schools each day. 

As a result, the Redmond School District is excited to announce we will bring all secondary students back to school five days a week beginning Monday, April 19. Students will have a modified schedule on Wednesdays. Specific schedule details will be forthcoming in the next week. NOTE: Students who are enrolled in full-time online are welcome to remain in that program through the remainder of the school year. 

Making this change in the middle of a trimester poses a distinct set of challenges to middle and high school scheduling. An April 19 start date will allow us time to make sure student schedules are all correctly changed. In the interim, our staff will work hard to change the configuration of furniture, common areas and classrooms to comply …

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Redmond Reporter, 3/17/2


I hope everyone had a happy Pi day on March 14. When my kids were in elementary school, my wife used to bring pies into their classes to acknowledge 3.14. Our family thought it was pretty amusing, but maybe that’s just us. 

As you can imagine, I receive quite a few questions as I meet with people around the community. By far the most common thing people want to talk about is hybrid learning — mostly, “Why can’t my child be in school full time?” It’s an understandable question and an understandable frustration for parents and children alike. 

We have a limiting factor keeping us from getting all students in school onsite every day. We are required to have students be 6 feet apart, which limits how many students we can fit into a classroom. All seven of Central Oregon’s school district superintendents have sent a letter to the Governor and the Oregon Department of Education asking for a change to a 3-foot distance between students, recommended by the World Health Organization. We have not …

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Redmond School District Launches Online Kindergarten Registration for 2021-22 School Year

Redmond – Redmond School District has launched online registration for incoming kindergarten students for the 2021-22 school year.

Parents/guardians can access the online registration on the district’s website at Registering as early as possible allows the school district to plan and prepare for our incoming students. The registration process also includes information about applying for the district’s Dual Language Program lottery and our Full Time Online option.

Required documentation such as birth certificate, immunization records and proof of address can be uploaded during the registration process. If documents are not uploaded, schools will contact parents about how to submit hard copies. Once registered, parents will receive confirmation from their student’s neighborhood school. In-person tours, health screenings and open house events are not yet scheduled.

If families experience difficulties and cannot register their student online, they may contact their neighborhood school for support. Click here to access school contact information.

For questions or more information about Redmond School District’s online kindergarten registration, please contact Sheila Miller, …

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ODE Opt-Out Form & 30-Day Notice of statewide testing

Under the Student Assessment Bill of Rights, the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) and Oregon’s school districts must provide families with a “Notice of Statewide Tests and Opt-out Form” 30 days before the start of statewide testing. This year, school has been significantly disrupted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and other factors. In response, ODE asked the United States Department of Education for a temporary pause (also known as a “waiver”) in English Language Arts (ELA) and Math testing. A pause is also being requested for science testing, but science testing is not subject to this opt-out rule.

• If this waiver request is approved, then statewide ELA and Math testing will not happen this year, and there will be no need for parents to submit opt-out forms to their child’s school.

• If the waiver request is not approved, test windows will open on April 13, 2021. ODE will update your district regularly with news about the waiver.

ODE 30-Day Notice & Opt-Out Form

**Please return form to your school’s main office. 


Según la Declaración de …

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The Redmond Reporter

March 3, 2021


A school is just not a school without students on campus. It’s been exciting to have students back in our classrooms and we are glad this time of isolation is coming to an end. While we still have restrictions in place, students are able to access their teacher(s) on a regular basis. Athletics have short seasons, but students are now able to play. School life has certainly not returned to normal, but we continue to find ways to get children what they need to thrive.

I want to gently remind everyone that we all need to follow the health and safety rules. Students and adults who come to school sick may cause us to quarantine large groups of students for periods of time. Our goal is to keep students safe and attending school on site, so please think of your neighbors and wear your mask, practice social distancing, and stay home if you are feeling ill.

Welcome back to your school. Staff members are excited to help your children reach their potential …

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RSD’s Team Spotlight…StepUP’s Emily Sample!

    This month’s Team Member Spotlight features… Emily Sample, a StepUP Behavior Intervention Assistant who goes above and beyond with unique projects!  

Here’s a little more about Emily Sample.

How long have you been working for RSD and what did you do before coming here?

I started with RSD four years ago as a Title1 Instructional Assistant, doing reading interventions at Vern Patrick Elementary. I was transferred to StepUP in the spring of 2018, and prior to that I was a librarian at Long Beach Elementary in Washington. I have also been a chef and a pastry chef for more than 20 years, working in Alaska, Florida and Maine. I grew up in Florida, sailing and scuba diving all through school. After meeting my husband while studying fine arts at the University of Florida, we drove long-haul trucks to see the country, then settled in Maine and had two amazing kids. We moved to the West Coast in 2012 for a new adventure, and we love it here. We are avid campers, adventurers, and wild mushroom …

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The Redmond Reporter, Feb. 17, 2021


Redmond School District staff are pleased to welcome all students back into our school buildings. After a long and exhausting pause in in-person instruction due to the ongoing pandemic, it will be wonderful to connect with our students in our classrooms.

As all of you know, we will begin on February 22 with a hybrid schedule for all students. Hybrid schedules exist because each student must have 35 square feet of space in a classroom, and that limits the amount of people who can fit in a room. Students are also required to be in cohorts of fewer than 100 people. The focus of the first week will be teaching students the specific health and safety protocols for each school building. On March 1, K-5 students will begin to attend every day on-site, with a shortened day on Wednesdays. Middle school students will attend in-person twice each week and high school students will have a morning and afternoon shift. Both groups will have an asynchronous personalized learning day on Wednesdays.

As of last Friday, most …

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HS schedule adjustment announced

Redmond School District High School Families: 

We have an important schedule adjustment we are excited to share with all of our high school parents and students. 

For the past several months, the Redmond School District leadership team has explored several scheduling models to make sure students are learning in person as much as possible in the midst of the pandemic. We know how hard it’s been for them over these ten long months of distance learning. 

We are thrilled to report that instead of bringing high school students on-site twice a week, we will bring them back to school four days a week on a unique morning and afternoon A/B hybrid schedule. All students who indicated they want to return to in-person learning will begin attending classes on Monday, February 22 on either a morning schedule or an afternoon schedule, based on transportation needs.

All students will attend a half day of school on campus Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and have virtual classes the other half of each day. Wednesdays will remain a personalized learning day and teachers will …

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