Redmond School District Equity Task Force

Good morning Redmond School District community,

Redmond School District’s belief that Success is Possible for All Students is rooted in our commitment to educate all students and provide a welcoming, inclusive space for everyone. The events of the past year have given our district an opportunity to reflect on how we can truly deepen this commitment while really striving to identify and eliminate barriers that exist for our students and families. We believe in our school system’s ability to create access and opportunities that benefit each student.  

Redmond School District is committed to working with our community to examine our practices and create a productive path forward for every child. RSD has announced the development of a District Equity Task Force (ETF) to work in partnership with our students, parents, staff, and community members to address systemic barriers that prevent our students from success. 

Although we anticipate the roles and responsibilities of the ETF to include creating goals and an action plan, much of the focus of our work will center on:

Adopting an …

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Redmond School District Fall Reopening Survey

As we transition to next year, we are looking forward to opening our schools and welcoming students in the fall! We miss seeing students on a daily basis and are working diligently to bring everyone back together safely. It is our guiding value to provide on-site instruction to as many students as possible for as much time as possible. Using the ODE Re-Entry Guidance, we will develop reopening structures and practices that are safe, inclusive, and flexible.

PLEASE COMPLETE THIS SURVEY FOR EACH STUDENT YOU HAVE ATTENDING REDMOND SCHOOL DISTRICT: You will be asked to complete this short set of questions for each student in your family as you may have different preferences depending on which level the student will be attending, in addition to our need to gather data by school. Upon finishing the survey, you will be redirected to the start of a new survey for another student in your family. Repeat this until all students in your household have been represented.

Click Here to Take the Survey:


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Melissa Stolasz Named Regional Teacher of the Year

The pivotal role of teachers has become especially evident in these last several months as schools have transitioned to distance learning in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Teachers have stepped up in countless, innovative ways to ensure students are safe, healthy and engaged to reach their full potential, making this a fitting opportunity to recognize the excellence of Regional Teachers of Year throughout the state!

Ridgeview High School science and mathematics teacher, Melissa Stolasz was named 2021 Regional Teacher of the Year! Stolasz wins a $500 cash prize and is in the running for Oregon’s 2021 Teacher of the Year – to be announced this fall. 

“Mrs. Stolasz puts kids first every day,” shared Lee Loving, Ridgeview High School Principal. “She has established a highly productive and enthusiastic rapport with each and every one of her students. This has resulted in amazing growth and outcomes for students. She is all about finding ways for students to feel that they belong in and can be highly successful in our school and in her classroom. She even …

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Title 1A Pre-Kindergarten 2020-21 At Redmond Early Learning Center (RELC)

Title 1A Pre-Kindergarten 2020-21 At Redmond Early Learning Center (RELC)

Do you have a 4 year old?  Do you know a family who does?

The Title 1A PreK program is grant funded (free to families) and prioritizes students who need additional support gaining Kindergarten readiness skills. To be eligible to participate in the PreK program, your child must:

Be 4-years-old on or before September 1, 2020 Participate in a screening process with Healthy Beginnings (see graphic below) in May-June 2020.  Call to set up an appointment (Healthy Beginnings at 541-383-6357 or )   Qualify for PreK services based on the outcomes of the screening process Reside within one of the six RSD school boundaries (including Tom McCall, John Tuck, Vern Patrick, Sage, MA Lynch and Hugh Hartman)

Please contact Holly Hennessey if you have further questions.

Distrito Escolar de Redmond

Prekínder de Título 1A, 2020-21 En el Centro de Aprendizaje Temprano de Redmond (RELC*)

*Por sus siglas en inglés

¿Tiene un hijo de 4 años de edad? ¿Conoce a alguna familia con hijos de esta edad?

El Programa de PreK de …

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Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers change the lives of millions of children every day—their immense work and impact moves us beyond words. And with the abrupt end to the physical school year, our teachers have done even more to continue education with virtual classrooms and learning at home lessons. All to ensure every student has the tools they need to reach their full potential.

It’s in these challenging times that we truly recognize and appreciate how our nation’s educators play such a pivotal role in our children’s lives—inspiring a lifelong love of learning and discovery and making a difference in their well-being and long-term success.

Thank a teacher in the Redmond School District! Your note will be shared with them by email! 

Los maestros cambian la vida de millones de niños todos los días. Su enorme trabajo e impacto nos conmueven más allá de las palabras, por lo que necesitamos de emojis para decir cómo nos sentimos. Y con el final repentino de nuestro año escolar físicamente, nuestros maestros han hecho todavía más para seguir educando con salones de clases virtuales y un …

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RSD Team Spotlight: Janice Hueners

Janice Hueners was unanimously nominated by her peers to be featured in this month’s team spotlight! Janice’s brings dedication and heart to her work in serving RSD students. 

Janice shares, “I love RHS students! Each day I strive to be pleasant, smile, and share an encouraging word as they go on their way. My favorite part of every (regular) school day is seeing the students when they come in for breakfast or lunch. Each one is amazing and special in their own way. I feel that feeding and caring for kids is a noble profession!  Redmond High provides a positive, caring and energetic work environment.  Our staff is fabulous! 

I’ve worked for Redmond School District in Nutrition Services for 7 years now. Previously I’ve been a deli manager with Safeway Co. and have other restaurant management experience. I am a true Oregonian, born in Klamath Falls to school teacher parents. I am the mother of three wonderful adult children and blessed with four spectacular grandkids. In my off work time I like to cook, bake, read and dig in the dirt, (otherwise known as gardening). My husband and I like to camp, …

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RSD Budget Student Art Contest

Every year Redmond School District showcases artwork from Redmond students in its annual budget document. This year the District is asking students to share their art from home for the opportunity to be featured in the 2020-2021 Redmond School District Adopted Budget!

THEME: This year’s theme is hope/positivity/bright. During the hard times we are experiencing, we want to have as much positivity as possible. Your art will help in this mission!

Please complete the following form online to submit a photo file of your art (preferably an image file such as JPEG).

Click Here to Submit Student Artwork


Todos los años, el Distrito Escolar de Redmond muestra los trabajos de arte de los estudiantes de Redmond en su documento de presupuesto anual. Este año, el distrito pide que los estudiantes compartan su arte desde sus hogares para tener la oportunidad de mostrarlo en el Presupuesto Adoptado del Distrito Escolar de Redmond para el 2020-2021.

TEMA: El tema de este año es esperanza/optimismo/alegría. Durante estos tiempos difíciles que estamos …

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Kindergarten Registration

Redmond School District has launched online registration for incoming kindergarten students for the 2020-2021 school year


Registration for incoming kindergarten students will only be available online during the statewide school closure. Parents can now access online registration on the district’s website

Required documentation such as birth certificate, immunization records and proof of address can be uploaded during the registration process or parents can wait to submit this information when schools reopen. Once registered, parents will receive confirmation from their student’s neighborhood school. In person tours, health screenings and open house events are postponed for a later date.

If families experience difficulties and cannot register their student online, they may leave a voice message with their neighborhood school and a member of the school team will respond. Click here to access school contact information.


El Distrito Escolar de Redmond ha comenzado las inscripciones por internet para los nuevos estudiantes de Kínder del año escolar 2020-21.


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COVID-19 Update

5.15.20 Update from Superintendent McIntosh

Good afternoon RSD families,

Nine weeks ago today we were made aware that schools were closing due the COVID-19 pandemic. You may remember that the closure was originally for only two weeks and at that time we were simply providing resources to families. Then seemingly overnight, we were asked to close for another month and now the closure will continue through June 30. I know and understand the struggles that this has brought as you juggle new conditions and responsibilities. The school district has learned much and worked hard to figure out how to serve our families. I appreciate your partnership as the landscape continues to change.

Yesterday our Governor announced that Deschutes County’s application to enter Phase 1 of reopening was approved. Thanks to our entire community’s diligent work to stay home we have indeed saved lives and slowed the spread of COVID-19 in our community. This is a positive sign but also a reminder that we have much work to do and that we cannot lose the progress that we have gained over …

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