About Facilities Department

The Facilities Department services 15 buildings and 252 acres with a staff of 40.5 full-time custodians, 5 full-time maintenance workers and 4.5 full-time groundskeepers and 3 seasonal groundskeepers.

Our areas of responsibility include:

  • Building custodial upkeep, maintenance and repairs
  • Heating/cooling scheduling and maintenance
  • Grounds maintenance, irrigation and landscaping
  • Deferred maintenance and project planning
  • Light construction and remodeling
  • Equipment repairs
  • Equipment deliveries and set-up
  • District safety, training and accident reporting
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Building security, keys and vandalism reporting
  • Monitoring of building use activities
  • Energy conservation
  • Garbage and recycling coordination
  • Snow removal